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How do we work for the welfare of widows?

Even though India has one of the world’s most significant populations of widows — over 55 million — the wellbeing of widows is not considered a top concern in the country.

Widow welfare in India is one of the goals of the Prisha Foundation, which was founded in 2022 and aimed to assist widows in overcoming social, political, and economic challenges. They provide sewing courses to ladies who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to earn a living on their own. Providing food, medication, clothes, and other basics to the widows is essential for their general wellbeing.

Assuring that the general public understands widows' social programmes

When a woman loses her partner, we need to understand better the long-term effects on her and what role legislation may play in safeguarding her. Social policies may compensate for the shock of widowhood by changes in inheritance rules and enforcement, cash transfer programs, and preferential access to housing, training, job, and schools for their children.

Did you know?

As many as 258 million widows exist globally, with about a tenth of them living in poverty.

Widows in India have it particularly tough!

Both men and women find it challenging to deal with the loss of a spouse. On the other hand, women in India frequently suffer a variety of difficulties after they have lost their life partner due to cultural norms, religious rituals, and patriarchal traditions. Family members’ violence and desertion in old age are only a few examples of these social exclusions.

Please donate today to help widowed women in rural and urban regions, old and young, get back on their feet and find a more stable place to call home. By making a thoughtful donation to the Prisha Foundation, you help us achieve our purpose.