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Every child has right to Education but there are millions of children who can not study due to lack of resources. May be they don’t have money, resources etc. to get the education. 

Prisha Foundation thinks that every child should get basic education so that he/she can get help world to be even better.  To fulfill this moto, Prisha Foundation runs a school for unprivileged students in Faridabad – called “Prisha Pathshala” where  good trained teacher staff teach students the basic education along with advanced education as well. 

In Prisha Pathshala, students also get chance to go to different seminars, activities and to groom themselves. 

Prisha Foundation also serves daily mid day meal to all the students so that they have proper energy to study. 

Apart from these, Prisha Pathshala make sure that every child should get proper attention which help to groom their learning and development: In Prisha Pathshala, we take care of following : 

  1. Establish a supportive learning environment

  2. Set a consistent routine

  3. Encourage reading 

  4. Foster curiosity and critical thinking

  5. Use a variety of learning methods

  6. Encourage healthy habits
  7. Provide opportunities for creativity

  8. Celebrate achievements

Remember, each child is unique, so in Prisha Pathshala, we try to Providing a supportive and nurturing environment which is the main key to their educational journey. 

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