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In India, there are children who were born to certain parents but are now abandoned to fend for themselves. These youngsters are either left in the garbage or left to fend for themselves in an orphanage with no clue how to make a living. It would be logical to consider such infants and take some type of affirmative action.

While there are various methods to help them, one of the most reliable is to join an NGO like the Prisha Foundation.

We work extensively via concentrated welfare initiatives in three primary areas: child education for orphan children, healthcare, and adoption.

We provide free education assisted by well-trained and skilled educators who employ best practises and strategies to deliver excellent education to orphan children.

Not only that, but we also have an adoption facility. It is a legal procedure that permits someone to adopt our orphan kid. Even though the parent and kid are not biologically related, adoptive parents are the child’s parents in every other sense.

Donate now to help us care for children who do not have parents!

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