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Prisha Foundation is a national NGO working for the welfare of widow women, child education, disabled people, and, homeless senior citizens.


More than 2.1%  percent of the population of India is handicapped yet we have done practically little for the community since freedom. While governments have done their share of work by providing free education and 4 percent reservation in government positions, we still have a long way to go.


Our emphasis has been to develop confidence for the social sector via robust due diligence of all our volunteers, and openness on how contributions affected lives on the ground.

We are an enterprise situated in Delhi, India. Established in 2022, it allows people and organisations to collect and give donations easily to any cause they care about. It is an initiative taken by Ms. Saraswati Kumari, Mr. Himanshu Singh, and Mr. Sumit Kumar Mishra.

Join us in fighting towards our aim of seeing a poverty-free India within our lives!


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Our Vision

Providing every child equal opportunity of Quality Education including free distribution of books, stationary, uniforms, mid day meals for their better future.

Creating a sense of Responsibility towards Elderly people by providing them food, clothing, shelter & medical needs who may be struggling to meet their basic demands.

Creating awareness & conducting Health camps in schools and colleges, for the healthy Tomorrow.

Feeding nutritional foods to the homeless & Starving families and children.


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